Pinovuo offers augmented reality consulting and creates software applications. Pinovuo clarifies your vision to a cost-effective project that will benefit your business. We at Pinovuo know what is essential in creating a successful augmented reality experience. We are passionate about the added value we can create.

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Augmented reality is an insightful way to learn about your surroundings. It shows you the relevant parts of all the information you gather. It delivers your message to others in a way that is easy to perceive. Augmented reality associates information to the context. It gives you an access to control and communicate with the environment.

Pinovuo is an expert in augmented reality. Our technologies make it possible to build practical solutions that serve our customers work. Their fields are in maintenance, education, retail and architecture. Our customers are unique but the benefits of augmented reality are the same: People will be more efficient and make less errors.

Consider the sheer amount of information you need to deal with every day. How do you find what’s relevant to get the next job done? Documentation? Text based search engines? Calling an expert? It’s much easier to learn by seeing and doing than by reading manuals. Active participation engages people and built-in gamification further enhances the experience.

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Augmented Reality in Construction Engineering

Digital models are an everyday tool in architecture and construction engineering. Currently virtual technologies are bringing new possibilities to these fields. What exactly can you do with augmented reality in construction engineering? Here's a video of our AR application that we created for Rejlers.…

Meet us in ARea16

Pinovuo will be attending ARea16 - Augmented Reality for Business and Productivity - event 8.6.2016. We'll give a quick company presentation and show you some demos. Welcome!  

Production Automation Control Systems

  • PLC, Embedded Systems & PC Implementations
  • Integration to customer backends
  • Control of robots, lasers & other peripherals

Laser Control Systems

  • Custom laser cutting & marking systems
  • Integration to customers’ production management systems

IoT Measurement System

  • Embedded gateway device that connecting to measurement probes
  • Sends measurement data to a customers’ service via mobile phone networks

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