AR video overlay on tablet

AR video overlay on tablet

Augmented reality content management is a challenge when bringing the technology to production use. People who work with an AR solution are experts in their own fields, not in augmented reality. In a same way people who update web pages don’t have to be experts in web technologies. Right now I’m writing this post in WordPress to publish it to the web. You most likely want to have an augmented reality content management system to do the same for your AR content.

In our solution we integrate your devices to be points of interest in our AR platform. We provide the tools to set up, configure and maintain your content, by yourself. You can place the points of interest using a background area scan as a placeholder. For that we provide an easy-to-use PC/Mac editor.

A point of interest can be anything that shares data or needs input. It can be for example an IoT-device, a production machine or a web service. In our editor you can just place it where you want to see it, then enter the parameters to connect to the actual device.

It is sometimes easier to perceive new things by seeing and doing than by reading a documentation. We believe that visual learning creates extra value in augmented reality. In our solution AR content may also contain 3D models and animation to make your point clear.

Augmented reality isn’t a one-way system either. You can create new content and share it while using the system. Think about annotations and reporting while doing your maintenance tasks.

With our practical AR solution you can:

  1. Scan your indoor area with a tablet
  2. Place your points of interest using a PC/Mac editor
  3. Share it to others

See how it works on our video!

If you have any open questions about augmented reality, please feel free to contact us. Our expertise on AR goes far beyond the hype. We make practical solutions that create value for us and our customers.