Augmented Reality in Construction Engineering

Digital models are an everyday tool in architecture and construction engineering. Currently virtual technologies are bringing new possibilities to these fields. What exactly can you do with augmented reality in construction engineering?

Here’s a video of our AR application that we created for Rejlers. Rejlers is a big multi-industry company that understands digital revolution. In the video we can see how the HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning) pipes fit to the space. We can also see the IoT devices displaying their data. But augmented reality allows us to do much more than that.

Construction companies collect enormous amounts of data. The challenge is to find the decision supporting information among it. This comes down to data analysis and how we present the information to the viewer. Eventually machine learning will merge to augmented reality in this field.

In the ideal situation the construction site documentation is up to date. In reality, there’s a lot of subcontracting and some information gaps between organisations and companies. You may find a heating pipe that blocks the water pipes you’re about to install. And that’s expensive.

Augmented reality helps you to understand what the current situation is. You can view your digital plans in real space and see how you need to change them before the manufacturing process. With the same tool, you can take measurements, annotate and create models that match the environment. It is much easier to change your plans in the design phase than later in the construction phase. And what’s more important: Much, much cheaper.

You can also plan how you’re going to transport your construction elements to the site. Sure, they fit the room, but can you lift them by the stairs or carry them by the doors? It’s possible to visualise that with an AR application.

For obvious reasons safety is a high priority in construction projects. Time is a valuable asset while being on location. It is somewhat frustrating to use hours to safety training when you’re visiting for only a day. An augmented reality application can direct you through the safety procedures. You get to know the construction site before you enter it.

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